Mini Expeditions

“There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the particular impact of residential experiences on young people’s learning and wider development.” Learning Away – Brilliant Residentials campaign



Join us and we’ll help you deliver one of your own, low cost, brilliant residentials! We work with your school and in partnership with teachers to deliver unique overnight outdoor learning experiences at a site local to you.

Our collaborative approach ensures that our back to basics camping expeditions are affordable for schools and ensure teachers and pupils to get involved in all aspects of the trip. Open to Year 3 upwards.

Our locations


Peaks West



This campsite is tucked away on the border between Derbyshire and Staffordshire – your group will have access to 23 acres of countryside including woodlands, rivers and grassy fields.

Facilities on site include; toilets, running water, hot showers and drying room.





Peaks East




This campsite is on the eastern side of the Peak District and with four enclosed acres of woodland to explore, including its very own Bird Hide! With a large amphitheatre style campfire circle and a safe secluded location this is a great place to spend some time with your classes.

Facilities on site include; toilets, running water, hot showers (£1 tokens)






How does it work?


 2 day, 1 night residentials


What we do:

  • Book and arrange use of the campsite
  • Provide all camping kit needed e.g. tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags (if needed)
  • Provide a campsite manager who will be present throughout the course to assist in any way needed
  • Deliver activities where requested e.g. Adventure hikes, Nature activities, Bush-craft sessions, Evening camp fire etc
  • Insure and risk assess the camping activity and any other activities we deliver.
  • Attend a parent’s meeting in school to discuss the camp if requested.


What the school does:

  • Brings along enthusiastic and excited pupils!
  • Plan and run as many or as few activities as they would like during the camp.
  • Organises a coach/minibus to bring the children.



This is always the tricky one to get right on overnight camps away from school! We have a variety of ideas which we can suggest to ensure pupils are fed and watered, however as this is a “back to basics” style camp the food will be simple but nourishing. We really encourage schools to opt for pupils helping to cook their own meals (under supervision) depending on numbers. However, we can cater for groups if they wish.

Basic cost for a camp organised by us but with all low level onsite activities run by teachers, and pupils helping to cook their own food: £32pp +VAT (based on 45 pupils attending)*.

*Add-ons such as activities run by us or catered food will increase the price.

Be inspired!

Have a look at the Learning Away website for ideas and evidence related to residential experiences with school groups

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