DofE Expeditions

Outdoor Genius has been our Bronze AAP for the last 2 years and we have found them professional and reliable. We see the same assessors again and again which gives us as a school a sense of continuity and reassurance.”

Patrick Burns, St Columba’s College, St Albans.

We understand that every school is different so we work closely with our partner schools to ensure we can deliver bespoke training and expeditions best suited to your needs. As an AAP we are responsible for any participants on our expeditions and in the interests of safety we provide each team with the following:


Cooking stove and all gas during the expedition

Full OS maps of the local area


A hi-vis rucksack cover and a hi-vis vest


Group first aid kit

From the start of the Expedition you will have a highly qualified and experienced Expedition Leader (EL) that is dedicated to the safety of your expedition.  The EL will be co-ordinating  the instructor team and working alongside your School staff to ensure the smooth running of the expedition. The EL will be staying at the same campsite as the teams during Bronze level expeditions, and nearby during Silver and Gold expeditions. Our EL will also be on 24 hour duty and will be in contact with our Duty Operations Manager at our main office. We are very proud of our expedition staff, all of whom are DofE Supervisors and Accredited Assessors. OG also insists on a high level first aid qualification and DBS check for all staff.


We have worked with Outdoor Genius for several years now. In the last couple of years, we have handed over the running of all our DofE to them. They do all the organisation for all our expeditions, provide all the specialist staff (all of whom are amazing). This arrangement has improved our proposition and has made an enormous difference to the expectations and workloads of our own school staff. We now really enjoy, rather than endure, the DofE season!”

Andy Riley, Monks Walk School.

Getting lost is fun!





No matter how well trained a team are, it is still likely that they will make navigational mistakes during their expedition. Getting slightly lost is part of the learning experience, and challenges such as this along the way can help to bond a team and are indeed a fundamental part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award experience.

However, at Outdoor Genius we have systems in place that will put the team back on the right path – before getting lost becomes something more serious.  Our experienced instructor team will be monitoring each group, along with local weather conditions, and will be in a position to respond quickly to incidents.

In order to monitor the location and progress of teams we put in place a number of systems:

  • Each team will have two fully charged mobile phones with them (sealed).
  • We use sophisticated mobile apps to locate the team in an emergency at Bronze level.
  • At Silver and Gold level in wild country, each team also has a tracker utilising satellite navigation.
  • Each team is fully briefed on what constitutes an emergency situation and how to deal with it (getting lost, in itself, is not automatically an emergency).
  • Each team has our emergency phone number on every map and the number of their Supervisor/Assessor on an emergency card.
  • Throughout the Practice expedition, all participants will undertake 4 hours of First aid that will cover the training framework as set by the DofE.


For more information please email 

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